By Ray Glier

Tim Tebow is cheating minor leaguers. He has some help, of course. The Braves, supposedly. Jeff Schultz of The AJC wrote a column about the circus of Tebow becoming part of the Braves’ minor league system.

It’s too bad. It’s really bad, actually.

There is a lawsuit now pitting minor league players and their $4 an hour against Major League Baseball. I read on VICE this week of a farm kid squeezed into an apartment with teammates with no furniture and how the ceiling caved in. There was mold and smell for several weeks. The slumlord wasn’t in a hurry to fix it.

Now the Braves want to give Tebow $100,000, like he is going to pick up a bat and go hit 90 miles an hour, or 93-plus. Hasn’t this guy ever heard of Michael Jordan? Tebow is going to go out there and gear up for 94 and he is going to see a change-up and fall down.

The Braves’ $100,000 would be better served helping the guys who are providing the game-speed practice for all these supposed prospects the Braves have signed. Minor league baseball is a bare existence, except for the guys who did not get a signing bonus.

I get the part about making it ugly for the minor leaguers so they have to scrap and keep an edge. I get the part that you don’t want them making a career of this. You want to cycle guys out. The airlines do it. They make things so uncomfortable for passengers you are begging for seat upgrades.

But there are better ways for the Braves to spend their money than Tebow. He should stick to his TV gig. Go away, Tim. Nothing personal, just leave some scraps for the kids in the bush leagues who have been fighting for a spot a lot longer than you.

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