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I am a Journalist with 42 years of experience telling stories in Sports and Business. Readers love stories. They build trust and a closeness.


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I am one of 11 children. I am an entrepreneur. Go where other people are not.

My core values are determination and doing the very best for clients.

I have been a a journalist for 42 years and a freelance journalist/writer/author for 23 years in the Atlanta area working for USA TODAY, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Youth TODAY, Simon & Schuster (Howard Books), Macmillan Books, and many others.

Journalists learn fast, work fast, and are loyal and dependable. We provide a critical eye. I am a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America, The U.S. Basketball Writers Association, and the Football Writers Association of America.

My objective is to show your “insight” so you can generate leads for your business. I write the Xs and Os, the Inside Baseball, the specifics of ‘Why’. Customers will see your value through good writing on your website.

My wife works in the non-profit industry and we have two sons. I can hit the 20-foot jumper. Ok, I just turned 60. It’s more like an 18-foot jumper.


“If you’re not buying what I’m selling, it’s my fault, not yours” – Bill Veeck, Major League Baseball owner and a major league marketer.



You sell with words, not just images. I can write. Does your home page need better writing? Can you give customers examples of how you solved problems? I have written thousands of articles for major newspapers and I can write a newsletter, case study, executive biography, or ghost a blog. I keep the client’s interests first. Compelling, specific writing is essential in telling your story.

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